Saturday, January 10, 2009

Write ! Right?

There are around 70-80 posts that I have written so far. It has been almost an year since I have written anything in this blog. Ever since I have been in Mumbai, I have been randomly giving vent to my thoughts on the Mumbai blog. The vela that I was today, I started going through all the comments in my previous posts. There must have been hardly 10-15 of them. ( thanks to those who did comment). I really felt good going through all of them. I was like wondering why I stopped writing. There was a random mail in my inbox that reminded me of my blog. Thanks to the person who bothered to mail me. I don't even whether the mail was for me or someone else since I was born in November and this person wishes me now. Anyway the bottom line is I want to write. Do anything in life but write. Come what may but write. And I think that's right. Right ???

Friday, February 08, 2008

A universal Donor :)

Right now, I am wearing a red and white shirt. Well, nothing too romantic about it, but then this is a shirt which I bought during the 'Friends to support' run. 'Friends to support' is a social group that helps the society by providing information about blood donors and organizing blood donation camps.

Coming back to my shirt, the message on it reads ' I am proud donor' which is ironical because of the fact that I being a diabetic, can never donate blood to anyone :(. But I still think that I am a proud donor. And what makes me think so? Well, listen to me now. I happen to fall in love ( that's what I think it is ) every other day and end up giving so much that makes me feel that I am the universal donor. Just as Aarya points out, I guess I have so much love embedded in me that a single gal would never to able to take it all. And hence I need to spread the love around to all the gals around me :)

So in order to sync the message with my 'Dil se' and 'Dil de' thoughts I turned the friends2support logo upside down and tweaked the turned version a little bit. And lo! you can see my heart there, right on my shirt proclaiming that it is the proud donor. The logo on Kumar's shirt ( to the right) is the original one. Cool!!! Isn't it? :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sarkozy kaun hain?

I was just glancing through the newspapers and come across this name 'Sarkozy'.
The news read 'Sarkozy weds Carla Burni'.

'Sarkozy? 'Hmm... heard the name earlier, must be some Hollywood actor' I thought. Nevertheless I started reading the article and realized that Sarkozy err 'Nicolas Sarkozy' to be precise is the French President. 'Oh.. French presidents are quite young' I said to myself but to my suprise I found that the French President was 53. Hmm.. more suprises were on the way as I realized that the bride was around 40 years old and is a singer and a former model. And what next? Both of them have been married and divorced. I couldn't help wondering what hell would break loose if an Indian President did this. First of all, all the news channels and newspapers would have a month long story with the 'Breaking News'/ 'Flash News' thing appearing on every other channel on the TV. Hehe.. guess I am imagining too many things, that are too improbable.

My reaction to things like these makes me feel that I am 'A frog in the well'.( The 'well' being Hyderabad in my case). France of course is far away but I was taken aback by things that happened in the not too distant Pune. Last week, when I was there for the SIMC thing, I was offered a fag by two gals. That was 'Awwwww' for me . I refused and promptly got the 'He is a decent guy' comment for it. I knew about these things but then I lacked the first hand experience and hence the mild shock. We sat in a resturant to have lunch and start talking about the 'booz' habits.

1st gal- So, what do you drink?
Me( not too comfortable) - Well, I don't quite enjoy driking. I don't like beer
2nd gal - Oh.. we hate beer too. But what do you drink?
Me- I just drink some Jimlet, the gin with some lime.
2nd gal- Yeh to baccha hain yaar.We are way ahead of him. We drink Vodka and stuff

After I came back to Hyderabad, I narrated this incident to my fairer-sex colleagues and they haven't stopped laughing since then. Huh! Grow up Kiddo. :) Will you?

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I went to Care Banjara Hospital yesterday to submit some of my reports and met a doctor whom I hadn't met for the almost 1 year. Here is how the conversation went

Doctor: Hello
Me: Hello Sir
Doctor: Kya bhai! French beard. You have put on weight. No walking. No Diet-control.
Dad nahi hain....! Total change!
Me: (pissed off at the weight comment) Arey weight kuch hain.. I appear hefty just because of this jerkin!
Doctor: Acha.. par yeh to baahar nikal raha hain . ( he said that patting my tummy)

Huh! Not again! This is happening a bit too frequently now. It reminds me of the hair dye ad where a guy hears the word "Uncle" echoeing his ears. Just a couple of days ago, I happened to pose for my style photos in a marriage. I put one of the photos as my profile-pic in Orkut, ultra-pleased with it. ( Glam-boy dikh raha Main.. was my feeling). As expected there were a couple of scraps about the changed pic in orkut.

Hello, Abu Salem!
Hi...yeah Uncle photo kya hain! Since when did you start wearing those glasses?

I was shocked when I read those. I immediately changed the pic. Alas! I, in my best pic now look like an uncle. Uncle ! Uncle ! Uncle! The words still echo in my ears. Reflecting further on these lines, I now understand why Mom n Dad ask me if they should start searching for my better-half every other day. I do look to be in need of one. The french-beard is my only armour. It makes my chubby cheeks less obvious. Rishi Kapoor, the bollywood actor started sporting a French beard after he was 40. And I just turned 26.( By mistake, I happened to typed it as 46 a moment ago :( ). I believe that people put on French-beard when their face has nothing else to offer . There are some who put it on just to sport a "new" look. The later was my reason earlier but now the former seems to be a more appropriate reason.

Realization Aftermath: Abu Salem seems much better! He seems to occupy lesser space and didn't have the puffy face :(

Jog! Run! Yoga! Gym! What next? Ask me this question at 7:00 am in the morning and my answer would be "Arey, i'll get going from tomorrow!!"and Tomorrow has never happened till now :)

Abu Salem pic - Courtesy -

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bday eve Blues !

Pepe Jeans, Spykar and Brand factory. I spent a good 2 hours roaming around all these places. Par saaala Ek shirt nahi mila ! I just wanted a 'simple sa' collared short T-shirt for my birthday. But I couldn't find any to my liking. Of course I wanted to buy a trouser as well. But I had made up my mind that I would buy one only I found a good shirt and that never happened. Me wearing formals made things worse. For once, I agree with Kiran who hates freaking around on Wednesdays in those Tie-Full sleeves - leather shoes formal wear. Well, today I happened to wear a checks shirt , which when not tucked into my trousers is too big for for me.

Start-Flashback! Aah.. it all started around 15 years ago when Dad realizing that I was a Complan boy growing fast and rapid bought a T-shirt of a bigger size than mine. I looked good in it ( parents always think so and i didn't know that then ) and it lasted long. I was never comfortable wearing anything tight because that would not sync with my flexible body which at any given point of time was either in a bowling or a batting pose. Thus started the "Thoda bada size lele" funda. When I was in high school, wearing Dad's shirts for me was a cool option. It continued even while I was in college. Hmm.. in fact it never mattered in college although the short-shirt fashion had just begun. Then came the job. I now had my own money and shopping with friends was more than a one-off event. The usual comment from my friends as well as the salesman would be "Wait!! Isn't that too big for you?". A few shoppings later my heart started feeling the same and thus started the "Wear what seems to fits you " revolution. The word "seems " assumes significance because some of the shirts don't quite fit you, but you go ahead with them for that is the latest fashion. Just a few days, I found a shirt in my cup-board that I used to wear during my final year and I was like "God! It's sooooo big. How did I ever wear it?" ( And that was supposedly one of favorite party wears !). End-Flashback!

Since I have been working only for the last 3 years, I have quite a few extra large shirts and most of them happen to be formals. Today happened to be one such formal day. With the formal shirt on, none of the trousers looked good! The moment I wore the jeans my the loose shirt would divert my attention. And when I did finally remove the shirt, my paunch would grab my attention. Huh! So I needed a good shirt for the trouser to look good but that never happened.
Frustrated,I started home. On my way back, I came across a Kwality ice cream hawker. "Yummy! I need some ice cream", I thought and stopped. I wanted to have Chocobar but as luck would have it, that was missing. The hawker urged me to take a "Choco-feast" but I refused since I wanted to have something less sugary." Hmm.. Ok... Give me a Mango bar"I said . He had it and it was Rs 15 but neither of us had the change. I searched all my pockets and found Rs 4. I wanted a rupee more and continued searching, hoping that I would find one. Finally seeing disappointment written all over my face, the hawker let me have the Mango bar for Rs 14.

I came home and opened orkut. And this is what I saw:

Today's fortune: Your luck has been completely changed today

" true", I thought shaking my head in disbelief!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Citrix Matrix!

Hmmm.... most of the systems in my office have been subjected to this "Operation Citrix" which means that one would work on the Citrix server rather than on the system. And I believe there were security reasons because of which this change has been enforced. Anyway what does "Citrix" mean??? To me it seems to be exact opposite of Matrix! The matrix screensaver or wallpaper usually gives a cool look to the screen.It makes the system ambience more interesting and more appealing. Citrix server just does the reverse. It has been about 30 minutes since it has been installed on my system and I feel so archaic about the whole thing. My outlook looks so pale, like a malaria patient. My windows messenger seems to play hide and seek with me with the irritating RETRY message appearing time and again. Almost all the icons seem to have the deceased look. I realized this just as I did an ALT+TAB. The dull appearance of these icons reminds me of the fact this is office and that I am supposed to work. Huh!!! This is just not on. That's what I feel. But the truth is this is not all. My Computer now just has the basic windows installed on it. To open any kind of word or excel document, i need to connect to the server. The worst thing perhaps is there is no such thing known as a "desktop". One needs to connect the server and then go to the documents and settings folder and then save a file that would have otherwise been saved on the desktop. Finding the desktop folder is surely going to be a "treasure hunt" at least for the next few days. Although I haven't yet experienced it, I have heard that the contact list and the favourites list need to be updated each time the system is restarted. ( Another Fifty first dates effect ?!!!). Each time I click an application there, I get a series of messages as if I am travelling to another era in a Time machine. And at the end of all those messages I discover that all that I have done is open a word doc. ( ah.. it's not the Time Machine that has taken off ). Office (Not the microsoft one but the place I work) has only become more boring and cliched.

PS: To get a bit of feel, I have been typing this thing on a notepad which opens on Default windows.. Ah..the native touch!without the wretched server :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And it's Amenisia now !

Well... I am certainly getting a bit too cliched. Time and again, I don't have anything to write about apart from my computer. That's very surprising considering the kind of techno-callous person that I am. Techo-callous!! I mean I am a kind of person who would not get too excited by a new technology entering the market. Forget the market, I wouldn't even bother if someone in my family was using it. Worse, I still don't know how much memory my Motorazer, that I have been using for since the 2 years provides me. ( And yeah I have the usual sheepish grin on my face.)

Continuing the story of my comp, I bought a new key board and made sure that everything was working fine. The USB is still not ok but at least the mouse seems to working fine. ( Fine.. Did I say? The mouse is not its usual ambidextrous self. It doesn't right click now :)). The Tata Indicom guy took ages ( more than 15 days) to sync his server and my comp. "The last 5 days have been cool. Everything seems to be fine" I told myself yesterday. Touch-wood! I perhaps forgot to utter that word and found my comp behaving indifferently again today.

My comp seems to be suffering from some kind of memory loss or anterograde amenisia just like Drew Barrymore in Fifty first dates. One fine morning when I started my comp, I found that my darling Genelia was missing on my desktop and instead there was the windows default wallpaper. Since then, everytime I log on to the system the a fresh desktop ( the one with the sky n grass) appears as if I have installed windows for the first time. Anything that I save on the desktop is not saved. I try to open the Mozilla browser and each time I re-start it prompts me to transfer the history from Internet Explorer. Memory Loss? Huh! "Seems to be some kind of a virus" exclaimed Kiran and I lost no time in updating the Anti-Virus and scanning my computer. ( Rahul wanted me to do this looong back!!!) . Everything seems to be fine now but I definitely don't think this is THE END. What makes me think so? Well, some of the infected files that I had deleted were system files and I am afraid my system will soon discover that and go kaput again.